martedì 15 luglio 2014

Linguine del marinaio

Enjoy this last recipe before the summer break!

200 gr linguine
300 gr canned tomatoes
10 fresh datterino tomatoes (cherry tomatoes are also fine)
Fresh chili pepper
Parmesan flakes
7 anchovies (preserved in oil or salt)
Fresh basil
A garlic clove

In a hot pan put the garlic with the canned tomatoes and cook for 20 min. The last 5 min add the fresh datterino chopped and the red chili pepper!

Put the pasta very al dente in your pan with the sauce, turn off the heat! Add some Evo oil, the fresh basil and the Parmesan flakes! Let covered for 3/5 minutes before serving with anchovies!

I serve with some Cervia salt

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