venerdì 31 maggio 2013

Insalata yummy

Sundried tomatoes: nothing to add, they are delicious!

When I was a child, I helped my granny to prepare them.
It was really tough because each tomato needed to be selected, washed, cut and dried before lying it on a big sheet with a cheesecloth outside for some sunny days.
This was a very time consuming and tiring procedure. Today the oven and the dehydrator make it easier but less poetic!

Try this combination of ingredients to have a yummy salad

mesclun (rocket, valerian, red chicory)
parmesan cheese shavings
almond flakes
sundried tomatoes
reduced or balsamic vinegar
extra-virgin olive oil

Dress in a bowl the mesclun with evo oil and salt. Add the almond flakes, preferably oven roasted and the sundried tomatoes. Unless they are already preserved in olive oil, let them soak in warm water for 15 min until soft and drain.

Complete with the parmesan shaving and a reduced balsamic vinegar drizzle.


                              Have a nice weekend and see you on Monday for a touch of green!

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