lunedì 17 novembre 2014

Tavola di broccoli

We had a long week of rain here in Milan. Saturday was really bad it rained for 24 hours so I decided not to go out and take my sofa care of me all day.

For lunch I was so inspired to prepare a good and mainly a coloured lunch to fight against a bit of melancholy. So here’s the result.

Roman cauliflower

Sheep milk ricotta
Black pepper

Mix the ricotta with 2 spoons of water to get a creamy sauce. Steam the roman cauliflower for 12 min it must remain crunchy. Pan roast some almonds and rehydrate the raisin. Dress the roman cauliflower with some evo oil.

On the plate pour the ricotta sauce, lay down the roman cauliflower (warm) and some pan roasted almonds, raisins and some grain of Cervia salt and fresh grounded black pepper.

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