mercoledì 30 settembre 2015

Summertime sadness

There are magic places timeless and spaceless! They are not so far away but not for this less interesting! For this reason I would like to tell you about an island, very close to my hometown, in which I need to spend at least some days every year: Sant’Angelo, a little area on the Island of Ischia.
View of Sant’Angelo from Serrara Fontana

Fishermen village, popular for a beach tongue between white houses and lots of bougainvillea. The main square, Piazzetta Sant’Angelo, is full of bars, restaurants and nice shops. The reference here is Dal Pescatore. A bar and a restaurant that serves a very good coffee. Paolo welcomes you, telling more about the cakes (around 50), that his mother, Signora Lucia, prepares every day. I love going there for my second breakfast (bad Milanese habit), coffee and croissant, both delicious or in the late afternoon, where the sunset colours reflect into the blue sea and I love drinking their homemade tea with some granita.
Signora Lucia and her morning sweeties
On the small port of Sant’Angelo, there are taxi boats to bring you to a wonderful and long beach, Fumarole  and Maronti, with a great view on the island of Capri.
View on Capri from Via Sant'Angelo

There are several beach properties. There is Ferdinando, who cooks a lot of dishes with the Volcanos comingout gas. You can have octopus, squid, rice and even some amazing stuffed figs. There is also DEmanuela that serves anchovies stuffed with mozzarella. From le Fumarole to i Maronti, at Cavascura, there is a very popular small restaurantStalino, a very simple and traditional place. It is very small so you need to book in advance. They offer the most famous and typical dish, coniglio (rabbit)all’ischitanaThe recipe is secret but it is not so difficult.The rabbit is marinated, seared and then cooked with tomatoes and spices in a large clay pot for long time.
If you wanna to relax with a massage or some hot springs, stop at Giardini Aphrodite-Apollon.
Taverna Pietro Paolo, better known as Stalino
Around 19 this part of the island gives its best. The sunset, orange, yellow red and the sea, deep blue, light blue, green:this is pure poetry! During this part of the day I love running, feeling completely part of the amazing nature around me.


You might be asking why Sant’Angelo is so special?Sant’Angelo is special because it gives the pleasure that only small things give…Note that cars are forbidden so be ready to look at the most magnificent sky youve ever seen.

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  1. Ciao, Elvira!
    Excuse my writing in English - I stumbled on you by googling 'lemon sugar, S'ant Angelo', for ideas of what to use the small bag of limoncello sugar we bought there - and how amazing to see this post!

    I'm American, my husband is English, we live in London, and, like you, I MUST go to S'ant Angelo/Maronti beach. I'm addicted. In the past three summers I've been 5 times, the last time - also in Sept- for over 3 weeks.

    And having discovered Dal Pescatore, I had to bring my husband there this recent trip, for three cakes with coffee. Heavenly.

    He also has been obsessed with eating rabbit Ischia style. We did go to Stalino, near our hotel (Vittorio: where do you stay?) but it was for a large group, and I don't eat rabbit, so we had fish & pasta instead.

    I have no idea how this will translate - I'm reading your post in English, which is, I"m assuming, not how you intended it.

    But I also love to cook - and to swim - in fact before actually going to S'Ant Angelo, for several visits, I would only swim there, from Maronti beach! It became this mythical place for me: the pastel buildings changing in the light from every view at the hotel. Hotel Vittorio is a wonderful place - I recommend it.

    Where do you live in Italy? If this is nearby, you are very lucky indeed!

    best wishes to you,

  2. p.s. If only I could see the photos - they don't show up on my laptop for some reason.

    1. Hello Jill, Nice to hear about you! Maybe we have bumped into each other when in sant Angelo! I stayed at la Vigna just up to fumarole! I have been spending my holiday there since I was a little girl! I come from Naples so quite close to ischia but I live in Milan, so really far from ischia! I d like to help you about your research you were googling if you gimme more details! Surely we keep in touch do next year we can meet! There is a problem with pictures that I m trying to solve, sorry!