giovedì 19 maggio 2016

Yes, I run at 7 am

You re crazy?! You put your alarm clock at 6h30 am -even if you are 5 minutes walking far from your office-, to run outside? Indeed, You are crazy! You are insane!

I heard these words many times. I will try to explain in 3 points why I run so early in the morning:
1. I run so early in the morning, yes even in the wintertime –when leaving the duvet for the Park is very extreme-, because the colours and the smells of the Park are special. I have not to share it with many people  pick-nicking, squalling, etc, so the Park is mine!!!!
2. I run so early in the morning, because if I have a meeting out of the blue late in the afternoon, I have not lost my run moment.
3. I run so early in the morning, because the wellness feeling that follows me all day long, is extraordinary.

For many of you, my motivations are not enough. It does not matter. Please continue to name me insane that I will always have a thought for you when I’ll spread my raspberry and rhubarb jam after having run my 7 km.

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