martedì 28 giugno 2016


After a long flight of 13 hours from London then I arrived on a land full of green and orchids where people cannot chew gums: welcome to Singapore.
View from LeVel 33
The first impressions as the last one was not so so good but it depends on the fact that I grow up in Naples, a messy and a very lively place where people shout in the streets, make a lot of noise and invite you to share a coffee to share the beauty of their city…yes, I need this to feel home and comfortable.
Singapore is the perfect place for 24/48 hours more less as a visit to Disneyland (I lived in Paris 2 years and I never been there). Yes, Singapore is a permanent playground. You can enjoy wonderful hotels with their bars or infinity pools, Marina Bay Sand with its hundreds rooms is a city into the city where everything works to perfection. The environment is really multicultural since Singapore is full of expats…yes, it is also a tax heaven. Personally what I most enjoyed there was food. I had a great food experience at Tippling Club, delicious food in a wonderful well decorated restaurant.

I could experienced the most famous Singapore food hall: Maxwell Food Court. Here I had the best Hainanese chicken with rice. I suggest you to pass and stop here to have this simple but full of flavours dish. I would suggest you a visit at Little India and Chinatown that are pretty authentic more than Arab street. Botanic gardens and Gardens by the Bay are a nice half-day excursion. If you wanna enjoy Singapore nightlife, I can suggest more than one rooftop, such as LeVel 33( a brewery with a wonderful view. Yes, beer can be chic. They have a very good list of champagne and wine as well…but food is not so delicious) and Altitude, where I found great music to enjoy with a singer live performance. If you are looking for something less poshy and more “authentic” (if Singapore can be authentic ) go to Clarke Quay! Stop for an aperitivo at Waffles Hotel, their Gazebo bar is very nice.
Do not forget to buy tiger balm!!!! And to have your manicure at the Spa in Changi airport.
A special thank you to Claudio and Veronika who hosted me.

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