lunedì 1 luglio 2013


I have never been a quiet child. My parents worked and I spent all my childhood and more with a great woman, my granma. When I was a little girl, I could not understand how lucky I was growing up with her.

I was more a hurricane than a baby. It was really difficult to look after me but my granny has been amazing. She had and has an extraordinary power.
She hasn't had an easy life, she has suffered a lot.
She knows hunger, poverty, pain, abuse and danger. She lived the Second World War. 
She is 86 years old and she is always ready to give love.

I remember days passed on her legs, hearing stories belonged to her life. Morning passed in the kitchen, preparing love and afternoon spent sewing or crocheting.
I loved playing with a sort of big box where my granny kept all memories so I had the impression to meet her as a woman.

We loved cooking for many hours. My granny always prepared delicious but simply recipes.
I remember our lunches where she always tried to cook something I liked.
Her food has a special taste, It is love and dedication.

Today I cook because It is something that belongs to me. It's my life, It is the way in which I grew up, It is a way to show love, It is a way to share passion, feelings and moments.

When I feel sad and I am far, I call her to find a smile again otherwise I go to her place and I love sitting on her legs, caressing her soft, strong hands and wonderful hair, smelling her perfume and I feel that I am happy!!!

Thanks Nonna to have taught me love, passion and sacrifice.

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