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All about PIZZA

You could find pizza everywhere from Vancouver to Canberra, thin/thick, well baked, crispy/doughy...but the authentic one is only in NAPLES!
The recipe is very easy: flour, fresh yeast, water, oil and salt. Get first choice ingredients as for the flour, the tomato and a fresh yeast (better a mother yeast) will ensure a great result!

The Pizza is made up of two parts: il centro (the center) that must be full of canned San Marzano tomato, basil and mozzarella and il cornicione (the crust) that must be soft and doughy, full of tiny bubbles and some blisters. If you look under the pizza, you should find some black circles that ensure your pizza is perfectly baked, of course in a wood oven.
Follow these tips to recognize a good pizza all over the world: It must be not perfectly round, doughy no crispy, but thin and airy, with some burned bubbles and blisters, full of bright-red San Marzano tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil leaf. A good pizza is easy to digest and won't make you thirsty.

If you are in Naples, take note of these addresses.
Pizzeria DA MICHELE (, is very close to the train station. They do not accept reservation so be ready to wait for a long time...but It 's worth it. They have just three kind of pizza, Margherita, Marinara and Super Mozzarella from 4 to 5 Euros. The place is not very smart with its long marble tables but their pizza is a dream, surely my favorite. This pizzeria is also popular for the shooting of Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts.
Pizzeria SORBILLO (, is in the  historical center. No reservation here too. They serve different pizza, Margherita costs 3.30 Euros. They have opened a new location, close to the sea, at via Partenope 24.

Pizzeria STARITA (, is  on the little hill of Materdei, close to the city center. They are very popular for their Montanare (a fried dough served as a Margherita) and Angioletti (fried dough served with cherry tomatoes and rocket).
Pizzeria PELLONE (Via Nazionale, 93), is out of the tourist area. They serve different kind of pizza and they are well liked for their Calzone (fried pizza dough, stuffed with ricotta and pork rind) and for the giant pizza they serve.
 If you are in Naples, please call me...I would never say NO to a good pizza!

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