giovedì 12 settembre 2013

Tartine in rosa

This easy, speed and smart coloured recipe could be prepared as appetizer to serve something fresh for your aperitivo or weekend brunch.

I prepared this recipe as a starter to welcome a friend for lunch since we haven't seen each other  for a long long time.

Crustless wheat  sandwich bread or canape bread
Cottage cheese
Smoked salmon (plus, chives, lemon juice, black pepper and evo oil)

Put the canape bread (or If you use a big sliced crustless wheat sandwich bread, cut it in 4 parts) in the oven for 5 minutes until It is crunchy.
In the meanwhile cut the salmon in small pieces as for a tartare and season with evo oil, chives, lemon juice and black pepper.

Garnish each bread slice with a teaspoon of cottage cheese and on the top a teaspoon of red onion jam or a teaspoon of seasoned salmon.

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