mercoledì 23 ottobre 2013

Insalata tiepida di mare

I love this dish. It is fragrant, easy and super yummy. It could be served as appetizer or as  main dish with some carbs such as thai rice.
8 big prawns (2servings)
2/3 calamari
1 avocado
soy sauce
lemon zest
evo oil
With the help of the knife or fingers, take out the black vein running all the way through the prawn. Take off the tail, the outer shell and the head and let them boil for 10 min with some ginger and parsley whilst set the prawns aside.
Put the shell, the head and the tail in a food mill until you get a red/orange bit creamy sauce (according to the texture you prefer, you could add some prawn boiling water) and set aside.
Open the avocado and sprinkle some lemon juice (to avoid It turns brown). Smash it with the soy sauce (I prefer the less salty) until creamy and set aside.
In a very hot skillet, stir-fry the calamari for few minutes and then the prawns.
Serve in a plain pastry cutter, putting the avocado cream, the calamari and the prawns.  Add some red/orange creamy sauce, lemon zest and evo oil.

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